We provide practical support to policy development

Our consultants have accumulated vast experience in sustainability and environment policy, with particular depth and breadth of expertise in energy, carbon, climate change adaptation, water, air quality and waste. We also have specific regional experience in regional development.

Our focus is on providing practical support to policy makers through targeted analyses and stakeholder engagement.

Examples of our services include:

  • International and national policy benchmarks and general research: it is important to learn from others’ successes, and also failures; our international network of contacts in the carbon and sustainability space, puts us in a good position to produce insightful, targeted policy and program benchmarking studies and analyses of key success factors.
  • Policy and program outcomes modelling: we capitalise on our sectoral expertise to inform policy making by developing models allowing to test the likely outcomes of policies and programs. Our areas of expertise include, in particular, carbon and energy, waste and water, and the built environment.
  • Stakeholders consultation: we organise formal and informal consultation in relation to current or possible policy and program development to integrate ideas from stakeholders or assess market sentiment in relation to proposed changes.

Please contact us for more information or if you wish to talk to us about a specific project.