We provide robust financial and economic modelling analyses and develop tailored user-friendly models

Analyses very often require quantification of impacts or cash-flows. Our economists and modellers have a long and diverse experience in developing one-off or flexible quantitative models.

Our services include the following:

  • Financial modelling: when a decision is about investments, costs and savings, usually in relation to sustainability investments, our team can develop financial modelling to meet any standard requirement.
  • Economic modelling: going beyond the modelling of financial cash-flows, economic modelling is about bringing under a unique framework all changes resulting from a specific intervention or project; most components are typically quantified in $ values as a unifying unit of measurement, even the economic flows that may not have a market value, although qualitative analysis can also be integrated into an economic valuation framework when required(see also Total Economic Value).
  • Business cases: decisions about an investment typically rely on a strong business case; a business case puts in perspective all considerations for an investment, including research, financial modelling, economic modelling, stakeholder consultation; we have the ability and experience to advise on the most suitable structure for a robust business case, to undertake the required preparatory work, and bring it all together into a convincing communication piece.
  • User-driven models: over the years, and to respond to our clients’ requests, our consultants have acquired specific capabilities in developing user-friendly models to carry out recurring analyses based on ever-changing inputs. We can produce attractive clients-interfaces and can transfer our models online to facilitate wide access.
  • Uncertainty modelling: we use Monte Carlo scenario analysis to model combined risk and uncertainty and calculate results with associated level-of-confidence rather than point-estimates, thus providing richer and more informative information. Uncertainty modelling can be combined with virtually any model of physical or economic flows or risk model.

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