Point Advisory (in collaboration with the Sustainable Business Group) conducted a Review of the ACT Government’s  Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme, to identify the energy, emissions and bill savings delivered to households and businesses in the territory. This scheme requires energy companies to help ACT homes and businesses become more energy efficient, by carrying out energy saving activities such as lighting upgrades and providing discount offers on energy efficient products.

Through a combination of stakeholder consultation, empirical analysis and detailed research, the Review found the scheme is achieving its four objectives of encouraging efficient use of energy, reducing emissions, reducing energy use, and reducing costs for households, businesses and low income households. Since coming into effect in 2012, the scheme has had a broad coverage and has benefitted over 70,000 households and businesses – 17,800 of these being low income households. The scheme is particularly important in the context of rising energy prices. The future design of the scheme is currently considered by the ACT government, to ensure that it continues to deliver societal benefits and support the net zero carbon transition of the Territory.

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