Point Advisory recently worked with Melbourne Airport to help them achieve Level 2 accreditation under the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) scheme, the global standard for carbon management in the airport industry, in January 2019. This achievement followed a successful Level 1 accreditation in early 2018, which Point Advisory also assisted with. 

Melbourne Airport chose to participate in the ACA scheme to develop an in-depth understanding of its carbon footprint, to inform targeted management actions and identify future emissions reduction targets. Achieving Level 2 accreditation at Melbourne Airport included the following major requirements: 

  1. Develop a carbon emissions reduction target. 
  2. Develop a carbon management plan to achieve the target 
  3. Demonstration of Scope 1 and 2 emissions reductions versus a two-year rolling average. 

As a result of participating in the scheme, teams across the airport have started working collaboratively to achieve the ACA goals. This has helped to increase the efficiency with which energy reduction projects, and hence greenhouse gas emissions savings are delivered across the airport. 

Please contact Caoilinn MurphyManager of Sustainability Services to learn more about how Point Advisory can assist you in developing emissions reduction targets, carbon management plans and energy strategies for your organisation.