Treasury Wine Estates (‘TWE’) is currently delivering on a roadmap to align and respond to the TCFD recommendations. To fulfil one of the actions included in the roadmap, TWE engaged Point Advisory to design and facilitate a climate risk workshop with TWE’s Executive Leadership Team (‘ELT’). The work involved a thorough desktop review of TWE’s operating context, business strategy and direction, to feed into the design of the workshop and ensure it was fit for purpose. This review informed the development of succinct pre-reading material to bring participants up to speed before the workshop and make the most of their time during the session. The key workshop objectives were to:

  • elevate the ELT’s knowledge on climate change trends and potential impacts
  • leverage the ELT’s unique knowledge of the organisation and its business context to identify, at a high level, key areas of climate-related risk and opportunity
  • enable the ELT to make decisions on key areas that require further investigation and on next steps TWE should take in their climate risk journey.

The workshop brought together key stakeholders within TWE, including the CEO, CFO, COO, Director Global Supply Chain and Global Head of Tax, Risk and Assurance, amongst others. By the end of the session, a list of key areas of climate-related risk and opportunity had been identified by the group for further investigation, and a list of actions and responsibilities for next steps had been agreed.

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This article was written by Marisa Sánchez Urrea.