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Point Advisory welcomes Elly Pattison

Elly has recently joined Point Advisory as a Consultant. Elly brings a range of experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency, stakeholder and community engagement as well as a background in urban planning and the built environment.  Prior to joining Point Advisory, Elly worked in the Consulting team at the Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL). In her role at […]

Point Advisory welcomes Ross Tunmer

Ross has recently joined Point Advisory as a Senior Manager in the Energy and Climate Change team. Ross has over 10 years’ experience in the energy consulting arena, as well as interest in sustainability and business, having recently completed an MBA at the University of Auckland. Ross has worked predominantly with large-scale industrial energy users […]

Introducing our online Emissions Reduction Pathways tool

We have been working a lot lately on ‘net zero’ emissions strategies and emissions reduction plans for government and corporate clients. Through this work, we have seen the value of giving stakeholders the ability to visualise emissions trajectories and to play around with different abatement opportunities to understand the different pathways to emissions reductions. Based […]

The Seven Steps of Climate-related Scenario Analysis

Planners and decision makers are often required to develop strategies in the face of an uncertain future. Climate change adds an additional (and substantial) layer of uncertainty to the mix. Scenario analysis is an established method for developing and stress testing management responses under such conditions of deep uncertainty. Effectively a ‘what-if?’ test, each scenario […]

Scope 3 emissions and Science-Based Targets

Companies responding to the CDP Climate Change questionnaire are rewarded for setting science-based targets. However, many companies committing to the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi) are failing to meet the SBTi criteria, and the largest reason for failure is the inability to meet the Scope 3 requirements. For many global businesses such as BT, Optus and […]

Insights from our latest event: Australia’s energy crisis: could energy productivity be the knight in shining armour?

In December, Point Advisory hosted an event to discuss the role of the demand side in helping Australia deal with its ‘energy trilemma’. The event was a lighthearted take on a serious issue, and our three speakers covered some interesting technologies and policy solutions. First up was Rob Murray-Leach, who managed to weave in several […]