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Forests on fire: A brief discussion of this year’s forest fires

Appropriate stewardship of our forests is vital for people’s livelihoods, maintaining biodiversity and for mitigating climate change. Yet in 2019 we continued to lose our forests to unnaturally large and intense fires. This year’s fires in the Amazon made global headlines. Between January and August 2019, Brazil experienced around 40% more fires than compared to […]

Eat Up Australia – Volunteering

Every day, 1 in 8 children in Australia go to school hungry. Hunger greatly impacts a child’s academic performance and behaviour in school. Students struggle to concentrate, and feel tired or lethargic which compromises their learning. The not-for-profit Eat Up Australia makes and delivers thousands of lunches a month to schools around Australia to support […]

Australian Red Cross – Volunteering

In May this year, Point Advisory team members had the pleasure of volunteering with the Australian Red Cross. Under the instructions of Red Cross staff, we spent several hours knitting Trauma Teddies. Sensory toys, in our case Teddies, can be helpful to provide comfort to children under emotional stress or pain. The Trauma Teddy story […]