Point Advisory welcomes Rebecca De Cicco

We are pleased to announce that Rebecca De Cicco has joined Point Advisory as a Senior Associate in the Built Environment (BIM) team. 

Rebecca has worked in the AEC field for 15 years and more recently been involved with BIM related activities on a global scale. Having worked and lived in the UK over ten years, her experience lies in the strategic, managerial and technical aspects of BIM and as a consultant she has worked in all areas to support the Construction Industry at a variety of differing scales.

Previously she has worked with the UK Government BIM Task group to support a number of initiatives including the BIM 2050 Team, is part of many industry groups such as BuildingSmart UK and currently sits on the Autodesk Developer council.

Rebecca is a RICs Certified BIM Manager, has AUTODESK EXPERT ELITE status, and has previously worked on the UK BIM Standards, making here very well qualified for work both here in Australia and internationally.

Rebecca recently relocated back to Australia yet her close connections and industry contacts still remain intact as she works on projects of a global scale to support, implement and provide training within a BIM context.

We welcome Rebecca to the Point Advisory team.

Rebecca can be contacted here.