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Point Advisory Best for the World for Community Impact for BCorps

We are proud to announce that Point Advisory is being featured in BCorp’s Best For The World list in the Community impact area. Point Advisory is 1 of 10 B Corps in Australia that have been honoured in this section.  The Community portion of the B Impact Assessment evaluates a company’s supplier relations, diversity, and involvement in the local community. It also measures the company’s practices and policies around community service and charitable giving. At Point Advisory we are committed to this community impact area, having recently started a volunteering leave program. Find the list of all honorees at this link.


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Meet our staff: Yvonne Barrett

Yvonne has over eight years’ experience in the sustainability and corporate responsibility sector, both in Australia and the UK. Yvonne has recently completed projects for Point Advisory in the areas of environmental management systems (ISO 14001), annual environment reporting, carbon accounting, net zero buildings and stakeholder engagement. Yvonne has a particular interest in the transparent and balanced disclosure of non-financial information and how this information is used by management, executives and stakeholders.

Prior to a career break with her young family, Yvonne worked in the Climate Change and Sustainability Services team at Ernst & Young (EY) in both London and Melbourne. During this time she provided sustainability assurance services for high profile sustainability reports, using international standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the ICMM Sustainable Development 10 principles, and provided verification services for the former Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI). Yvonne also provided assurance services to assist clients meet their reporting obligations under the National Greenhouse Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme and the Emissions Intensive Trade Exposed (EITE) exempt activities. She also developed an interest in risk management, whether it was assisting clients identify organisational risks or monitoring risks through an internal audit program.

Prior to working for EY, Yvonne had various policy and operational roles in climate change, air quality and invasive marine pests at EPA Victoria.

Yvonne has enjoyed working with clients across a wide range of industries including: oil and gas, mining, energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, transport, government and retail.

Yvonne can be contacted here.


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Introducing our online Emissions Reduction Pathways tool

We have been working a lot lately on ‘net zero’ emissions strategies and emissions reduction plans for government and corporate clients. Through this work, we have seen the value of giving stakeholders the ability to visualise emissions trajectories and to play around with different abatement opportunities to understand the different pathways to emissions reductions.

Based on this experience, we are pleased to release our new Online Emissions Reduction Pathways tool, which can be viewed here.

The tool allows users to explore different scenarios via an intuitive and attractive interface. It helps distill complex concepts and calculations into a clean and intuitive format. For practitioners, the tool is relatively easy to update via an underlying spreadsheet (provided a carbon inventory and associated emissions reductions opportunities have been calculated).

If you are interested in developing your own version of the tool or talking further about emissions reduction strategies, contact Charlie Knaggs or Christophe Brulliard.


Point Advisory & Ndevr Environmental take on the Solar Light Challenge

In Papua New Guinea (PNG), it is common for rural families to use kerosene lamps, as many homes are not connected to electricity. The Solar Light Challenge, organised by WWF Australia and SolarBuddy, aims to help PNG children play or study at night using solar lights.

In March, Point Advisory and Ndevr Environmental teamed up to form a solar light assembly line, putting together 50 lights for children in PNG. With our instruction manuals and mini screw drivers in-hand, the friendly competition set in, and we quickly put together the whole lot. We wrote letters to send together with the solar lights, wishing the PNG children good luck and greetings from Australia.

The Solar Light Challenge is highly recommended. It was a rewarding way to help our friends in PNG and to replace kerosene with free and sustainable energy from the sun. Click on the link to find out how your business or school can take part.


Alexis Demetrious gives an account about her time so far at Point Advisory

“I am really happy that I get to work with a talented and innovative group of people, who have a passion for sustainability and making the world a better place. My favourite thing about my work is that it is based on science. I recently finished writing my master thesis researching environmental impacts from waste using life cycle assessment. The process of learning something in so much detail and for so long means that you become a bit of a fanatic! So, I’m really enjoying applying life cycle assessment and life cycle thinking to my work. I’m lucky to be exposed to new areas through the team’s wide breath of skills that covers environmental economics, renewable energy systems, and building computation tools for clients! Through climate change and energy projects, I’ve learnt so much on environmental policy and its market applications. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of 2018 brings for sustainability in Australia!”.

Alexis joined Point Advisory as a Senior Consultant in July 2017. Previously she worked as an engineer at Australian Paper, a consultant at Edge Environment, and has recently written a master thesis about waste management at RMIT University. Alexis can be contacted here.

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Upcoming Melbourne event: Journey to a net zero world…

Upcoming event: Journey to a net zero world…

Can you imagine a net zero emissions world? What does it look like? And how do we get there by 2050?

To achieve the Paris Climate Agreement commitments and have a chance of keeping global temperature rise below 2°C, we basically need to achieve ‘net zero’ emissions globally by 2050. So it’s not surprising that we’re seeing a huge increase in interest in the net zero concept – from defining emissions reduction pathways through to setting science-based targets and organisational carbon neutral commitments.

But what does net zero really mean? What are our state and local governments doing to reduce their fair share of emissions? How is the Australian private sector taking on the challenge to stay ahead of the game and remain competitive? And what steps can individual organisations take to start the journey to net zero?

Come and join us for a drink, a snack and a lively discussion about these questions. Expect interesting insights from both the public and private sector and some good examples on how the net zero concept can be translated into action.

Who will be there? The following panellists will share with you their insights on their work towards net zero emissions:

What will we talk about? We will create a forum for both government and private sector attendees to discuss the transition to a net zero economy. Our panellists will discuss:

  • Victoria’s legislated net zero target and the Climate Change Act 2017
  • how they are taking on the challenge and putting measures in place to contribute their fair share to reach net zero
  • the main barriers and challenges faced
  • key lessons learnt as they act on their commitments.

We’re expecting an interactive discussion, and will allow plenty of time for networking and continuing the conversation over a glass of wine.

Event details: The event will be held at Point Advisory’s offices in Melbourne’s CBD from 5pm to 7.30pm on Thursday 19 April. Drinks and nibbles provided.

Please click here to visit our Eventbrite site to RSVP.

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Point Advisory launches Point Bundle, including a new battery storage finance product


low carbon finance & project advisory services

Point Advisory is proud to announce that we have launched a new brand, Point Bundle (or Bundle for short) into the marketplace.

Bundle specialises in low carbon finance, offsets and project advisory services, both here in Australia and across South East Asia.

Bundle’s core services will include:

  • Low Carbon Finance such as Managed Service Agreements (MSAs), Upgrade Agreements, Rental Agreements and Offtake Agreements (PPAs)
  • Carbon Offseting for programs such as NCOS (National Carbon Offset Standard) including project selection, brokerage services and retirement.
  • Advisory Services including commercial Project Origination, Project Evaluation and commercialisation.

For more information on Bundle please visit the new website.

New finance offering / battery storage systems

As part of the launch, Bundle is also offering a new battery storage finance product that can be bundled with solar PV systems. Project finance is available from $500k and up $25m with finance terms typically ranging from 5-7 years depending on your specific circumstances. For more information on this or to find out how it works please contact us .

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Point Advisory welcomes Marisa Sánchez Urrea

We are pleased to announce that Marisa Sánchez Urrea has joined Point Advisory as a Manager in our Sustainability Services team. 

Marisa is an Environmental Scientist with over five years’ experience in the sustainability domain, both in Australia and Spain. Prior to joining Point Advisory, Marisa worked in the Sustainability Services teams at Deloitte Australia and Deloitte Spain. In her role in Deloitte Australia, she worked on a wide range of climate change mitigation projects across the energy, oil & gas, and resources sectors. She brings deep expertise in carbon management and accounting, having provided advisory and assurance services to assist clients in meeting their data management and reporting obligations under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme, the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), the Safeguard Mechanism, and the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). She also delivered numerous sustainability reporting engagements in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Before joining Deloitte, Marisa was a lecturer in water footprinting in the MSc in Environmental Engineering and Management course at Escuela de Organizacion Industrial (Madrid, Spain) and a GIS technician in the Disaster Risk Reduction area of the NGO Action Against Hunger.

We welcome Marisa to the Point Advisory team.

Marisa can be contacted here.

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In the media – Point Advisory, Norton Rose and the Future Business Council

Managing Climate Risk – A Program for Corporate Decision Makers

In June 2017,  the Future Business CouncilNorton Rose Fulbright and Point Advisory ran training sessions in Sydney and Melbourne for corporate decision makers. The training provided an overview of the specific ways that climate change can affect private sector bottom lines, how companies can analyse their own vulnerability to climate change, and how the associated risks can be managed and included in disclosures to investors.

The training was well received by attendees and has subsequently been made the focus of an article in Eco-Business: “Australian business is waking up to climate risks“.

The team  is accepting expressions of interest for future workshops via the FBC website.

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Point Advisory welcomes Rod Marsh

We are pleased to announce that Rod Marsh has joined Point Advisory as a Senior Advisor. 

Rod has over 15 years’ experience as a public-sector policy advisor and manager, and private sector economist and consultant. Rod established and led the economics and climate change practice at sustainability consulting firm Net Balance (now Ernst & Young).

As a Director at Deloitte Economics, Rod was a founding member of Deloitte’s Climate Change and Sustainability Executive. At both Net Balance and Deloitte, Rod worked on a wide range of climate change mitigation and adaptation projects across government, energy, transport and resources sectors.

Before joining the private sector, Rod held senior policy advisory roles at the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet.

We welcome Rod to the Point Advisory team.

Rod can be contacted here.