Point Advisory is an integrated sustainability consultancy providing specialist technical, strategic and assurance services the following domains:

  • Climate change mitigation, adaptation and audit
  • Energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy analytics
  • Environmental management, compliance, air quality and audit
  • Environmental economics, program evaluation and natural capital
  • Green buildings and infrastructure
  • Sustainability policy and analysis.

Since 2013, we have provided these services to clients from all levels of government, the corporate sector and not-for-profits. We specialise in combining our technical engineering skills with economic and strategic capabilities to develop robust, viable and effective solutions for our clients.

The Point Advisory team has the following registrations and accreditations:

  • Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditors (NGER, ERF, Safeguard Mechanism)
  • Lead Environmental Auditors (Lead RABQSA)
  • Lead Auditors (NSW Energy Savings Scheme)
  • Lead Auditors (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target)
  • Laboratory & Air Quality Auditors (NATA)
  • Certified Monitoring & Verification Professionals (CMVPs).

For further information, visit our website at www.pointadvisory.com.